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Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids changed or Society?

Have Kids Changed? Scenario # 1

I read an article by Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, " For Thin Skinned Students, We have Nobody to Blame but Ourselves" It was about the actions of college students in certain situations. Which promoted me to thik about how kids reactd to similar situations 40 years ago, and now.

My parents were children of the great depression and my dad was a WWII veteran. My brothers, sister and myself were raised with the values of individuals in that era. There isn't always a reason something happens, at times it just does ,and when it does, it is not always someone else’s fault. Things may happen to you because of circumstances beyond your control, or because of other individual’s ignorance, but you only have control over you and what you do to overcome those situations. Children today, over all, are more academic, and exposed to greater educational tools then they were 40 years ago . With all of the technology at their finger tips the things they can do are amazing. The one item they seem to be left short in is responsibility. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Society puts a lot of emphasis on being politically correct, (which is not a bad thing) however, everyone is not going to be . Kids must learn not to be victims, to be responsible to and for them self. Things as simple as gathering a group of neighborhood kids together to play ball, is now not the responsibility of the kids. Society has taken it upon itself to have bantam league basketball , little league baseball, pee wee football, and AAU leagues. Teams are organized by adults, schedules made out by adults, uniforms bought by adults, travel scgedules made by adults and trophies for everyone. It continues all the way through high school and college.

I have been involved with education for 40 years , as a classroom teacher, school counselor and coach. During my latter years in education the one question I always seemed to get asked by new teachers and parents of high school students….”How are kids different today than they were 40 years ago. My answer ,:kids have always been kids". With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and 10 other ( or more) social web sites issues arise that never would have 15 years ago, let alone 40 years ago. Twenty four hour news stations have to have something to report and everything must be politically correct when doing so. We do not allow children to gain responsibility, for there actions, we are looking for outs and excuses. We let them become victims instead of learning how to handle and deal with conflict.

Below is one scenario of a situation that occurred forty years ago, and how it was handled, and how virtually the same situation was handled today. You decide, if the kids were different or if society has changed?

In Biology class (40 years ago) students were growing beans in Styrofoam cups. One student placed marijuana seeds in the cup and started the plant to grow. (not real smart on the kid’s part, the cup had his name on it) He was asked, “did you do this,” he said yes,” ( he told the truth, because he knew if he lied it would go tougher on him when he got home,) His parents were called and they were told he could either be suspended or paddled. The parent said paddle him and they would take care of the rest when he got home. The young man was paddled and sent on back to class.


A young man brought marijuana to school, he was questioned ( he did not tell the truth, because he had experienced in earlier situations that his parents had looked for reasons why it had to be someone or something , other then him that caused the situation ). School officials called in police, and drug sniffing dogs to check lockers, and cars in parking lots and question other students. The young man was finally accused, suspended and told he had to be evaluated or have drug counseling before he could return to school, the parents disagreed and filed for due process.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear. I will be posting different scenarios throughout of situations that occurred in the past and in the present.

Enjoy the day!

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