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Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids changed or Society?

Have Kids Changed? Scenario #2

A second scenario of kids of yesteryear and what occurred and how it was handled and basically the same scenario today and how it was handled. I am by no means judging , just letting you decide, Have Kids Changed, or has society in it's reactions.

Two young men got into a argument in school (30 years ago) during the change of class, a fight broke out, the teacher broke it up, both young men were taken to the office, parents were called, a choice was given paddling or suspension, both parents told the administration to paddle. The corporal punishment was given out and the two young men went on to their respective classes.


Two young men were involved in an altercation in the school cafeteria before school. It was caught on a student's i phone that was sent to others and eventually made it to the news station. In the meantime, the fight was broken up by the resource officer, both students were taken to the office, the parents were called. Punishment of both was suspension. One parent disagreed, set up due process. Which extended the process for another couple of days until due process could be followed. All the while news media explored the issue of unsafe schools for children and bullying issues.

Have Kids changed ? Your thoughts?

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