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Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids Changed ?

Have Kids changed or Society?

Have Kids Changed? Scenario #3

My third scenario of "Have Kids Changed?" again,simply food for thought . I am not passing judgement on any situation or how it was handled, just that kids seemed to do the same things 40 years ago, as they do today. You make of it what you will.

Have a great day!!

A young man was being initiated ( so called at that time-30 years ago) by older players on his high school team. He was flicked with a towel after practice by upper class men as he went to the shower. The coach found out about it ( not from the young man but through "word on the street") The coach addressed the situation with the upper class men and had the upperclassmen do many extra duties after practice. He informed the parents of the young man being initiated, the father asked the young man if he was hurt, the young man said" no". The father was satisfied with the fact that "boys will be boys" and the punishment the coach gave the young men was reasonable. The season continued on and the young man that was initiated finished the season and played all four years of the varsity sport through out his high school career.


A young man was initiated ( again so called 30 years ago, but today could be called harassment, hazing or bullying ) by upperclassman. News of the act surfaced to the knowledge of one parent ( his interpretation of what took place was different from another , there are always two sides to every story) . Due to the alleged allegations of the parent, the local news station received word of the situation ( which was still under investigation at that time) and was broadcast as being news worthy. The school canceled the remainder of the season, the culture of the locker room became under investigation, the legal system became involved . Have Kids Changed? Your thoughts?

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